GMT+8 August 17th / Monday
9am Jin-Yi Cai: Some Recent Development in the Classification Program of Counting Problems
10am Pinyan Lu: Optimal Mechanism Design: Simplicity and Robustness
11am Nick Gravin: Envy-freeness up to Any Item with High Nash Welfare
1pm Ce Jin: Sharp Threshold Results for Computational Complexity
2pm Zihan Zhou: Towards Large Scale Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
Wei Zi: Cake Cutting on Graphs: A Discrete and Bounded Proportional Protocol
3pm Minming Li: Defending with Shared Resources on a Network
4pm Gather: What do You Expect for TCS in China?
5pm Zhihao Jiang: Stability in Committee Selection
6pm Xiaohui Bei: Fair Division of Mixed Divisible and Indivisible Goods
7pm Xujin Chen: Truthful Mechanisms for Location Games of Dual-Role Facilities
8pm Yuqing Kong: Dominantly Truthful Multi-task Peer Prediction with a Constant Number of Tasks
9pm Zhiyi Huang: Data-driven Auctions, Prophet Inequality, and Pandora's Problem
10pm Ruosong Wang: Reinforcement Learning with Function Approximation: Provably Efficient Algorithms and Hardness Results

GMT+8 August 18th / Tuesday
9am Xiaoming Sun: Some Open Problems in Decision Tree Complexity
10am Kewen Wu: Improved Bounds for the Sunflower Lemma
11am Guochuan Zhang: Online Search and Pursuit-Evasion in Robotics
1pm Dongge Wang: A Distance Function to Nash Equilibrium
2pm Weinan Zhang: Model-based Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
3pm Haifeng Zhang: Solution Concepts in Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
4pm Zongqing Lu: Learning Multi-Agent Cooperation
5pm Bujiao Wu: Optimize the Size and Depth of CNOT Circuits?
Yifan Wu: Optimization of Scoring Rules
6pm Suning Gong: A 1/2-approximation Algorithm for Maximizing a Non-monotone Weak-submodular Function on a Bounded Integer Lattice
Ya Cao: Quantum Composite Control for Nonorthogonal States against Decoherence
7pm Female Forum Panel
Jing Chen, Qi Qi, Zhao Zhang, Qizhi Fang, Yukun Cheng, Yijia Chen
8pm Wenxin Li: An Overview of Game-Based AI Competitions----From a Perspective of AI Evaluation
9pm Jian Li: On Generalization and Implicit Bias of Gradient Methods in Deep Learning
10pm Jason Lee: Provable Representation Learning in Deep Learning

GMT+8 August 19th / Wednesday
9am Mingsheng Ying: Model-Checking Quantum Markov Chains
10am Tongyang Li: Quantum Algorithms for Convex and Nonconvex Optimization
11am Zhengfeng Ji: Spooky Complexity at a Distance
1pm Penghui Yao: Nonlocal Games With Noisy Maximally Entangled States are Decidable
2pm Fang Song: Unpredictable Functions and Quantum-secure Authentication
3pm Xiongfeng Ma: Utility Optimization in a Quantum Key Distribution Network
4pm Rest
5pm Jun Sun: Neural Networks: Fairness and Interpretability
6pm Bai Xue: PAC Model Checking of Block-Box Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems
7pm Xiaowei Huang: Safety Certification of Deep Learning
8pm Xinping Yi: Spectral Analysis of Convolutional Neural Networks
9pm Zhanxing Zhu: Understanding Deep "Alchemy"
10pm Jun Wang: Multi-Agent Learning

GMT+8 August 20th / Thursday
9am Grigore Rosu: Formal Design, Implementation and Verification of Blockchain Languages
10am Shai Halevi: Can a Blockchain Keep a Secret
11am Zhiyuan Li: Why Are Convolutional Nets More Sample-Efficient than Fully-Connected Nets?
1pm Weiming Feng: Fast Sampling and Counting K-SAT Solutions in the Local Lemma Regime
2pm Kun He: Lovasz Local Lemma: Variable and Quantum
3pm Lingxiao Huang: Coreset Construction for Clustering
4pm Chihao Zhang: Rapid Mixing from Spectral Independence beyond the Boolean Domain
5pm Mingmou Liu: Lower Bound for Succinct Range Minimum Query
6pm Wei Ou: 基于区块链的社区医疗管控系统
7pm Bo Li: Fair Resource Sharing and Dorm Assignment
8pm Xiang Yan: Incentive Analysis on Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing Networks
9pm Surprise Talk
10pm Rong Ge: Guarantees for Tuning the Step Size Using a Learning-to-Learn Approach

GMT+8 August 21st / Friday
9am Silvio Micali: ALGORAND----The Truly Distributed Blockchain
10am Maurice Herlihy: Correctness Conditions for Cross-Chain Deals
11am Le Song: Deep Learning for Algorithm Design
1pm Tengyu Ma: Domain Adaptation with Theoretical Guarantees
2pm Tao Lin: Private Data Manipulation in Sponsored Search Auctions
Yuhao Li: Recent Development for the Incentive Ratio in BitTorrent Resource Sharing Networks
3pm Tianle Cai: Towards Understanding Optimization of Deep Learning
4pm Rest
5pm Zhong Chen: Security Analysis Techniques For Blockchain Smart Contracts
6pm Zhaohua Chen: CycLedger: A Scalable and Secure Parallel Protocol for Distributed Ledger via Sharding
Mingxun Zhou: Attack Discovery on Blockchain Incentive Mechanisms with Reinforcement Learning
7pm Ren Zhang: NC-Max: Breaking the Throughput Limit of Nakamoto Consensus
8pm Business Meeting
9pm Business Meeting
10pm Alessandro Chiesa: An Overview of Recursive Proofs

GMT+8 August 22nd / Saturday
9am Matt Weinberg: A Mechanism Designer's View of Cryptocurrencies
10am Jiasun Li: Direct Evidence of Bitcoin Wash Trading
11am Chengshi Gao: 分布式密钥技术在区块链中的基础性作用
1pm Xiao Yuan: Error Mitigated Quantum Simulation with Near-term Quantum Hardware
2pm Closed-door Meeting