International Joint Conference On Theoretical Computer Science

August 16-20, 2021, Peking University, Beijing



The 2nd International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science (IJTCS 2021) will be held on August 16-20, 2021, hosted by Peking University. We will cooperate with CSIAM, CCF, and ACM China Council to provide you with a feast of theoretical computer science.

IJTCS 2021 is calling for papers concerning any branch of theoretical computer science, together with focus tracks in Algorithmic Game Theory, Blockchain, Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning, Quantum Computation, Theory of Machine Learning, Machine Learning, Formal Method, Algorithm and Complexity, and EconCS. Furthermore, we will also host a series of featured forums including Female Forum, Youth PhD Forum, and Undergraduate Research Forum.


The proceedings of IJTCS 2021 has been published in

Important Dates

  • Submission: May 26th June 2nd, 2021, 11:59 pm anywhere on Earth

  • Notification: June 26th July 3rd, 2021

  • Camera Ready: July 4th July 11th, 2021

  • Main Conference: August 16th-20th, 2021



Advisor Committee Chairs

  • Wen Gao (Peking University)

  • Hong Mei (CCF President)

  • Pingwen Zhang (CSIAM President and Peking University)

Conference Chair

  • John E.Hopcroft (Cornell University)

General Chair

  • Xiaotie Deng (Peking University)

Program Committee Chairs

  • Xiaoming SunChinese Academy of Sciences

  • Xiaotie DengPeking University

  • Minming LiCity University of Hong Kong

  • Pinyan Lu (SHUFE)

  • Jian LiTsinghua University

Track Chairs

  • Yukun Cheng (USTS) & Zhengyang Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology) & Zhihao Tang (SHUFE) , PC chair track A (Algorithmic Game Theory)

  • Jing Chen (Stony Brook University) & Xiaotie Deng (Peking University), PC chair track B (Game Theory in Blockchain)

  • Wenxin Li (Peking University) & Haifeng Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PC chair track C (Multi-agent Learning, Multi-agent System, Multi-agent Games)

  • Jian Li (Tsinghua University), PC chair track D (Learning Theory)

  • Xiaoming Sun (Chinese Academy of Sciences) & Jialin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PC chair track E (Quantum Computing)

  • Lijun Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PC chair track F (Machine Learning and Formal Method)

  • Minming Li (City University of Hong Kong) & Guochuan Zhang (Zhejiang University), PC chair track G (The 15th Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop)

  • Biaoshuai Tao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), PC chair track H (EconCS)

  • Manuel Blum (Carnegie Mellon University, Emeritus) & Lenore Blum (Carnegie Mellon University, Emeritus) & Yurong Chen (Peking University), PC chair track I (Conscious Turing Machine)

  • Zhaohua Chen (Peking University), PC chair (Undergraduate Research Forum)

  • Yuqing Kong (Peking University) & Jialin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), PC chair (Female Forum)

  • Xiang Yan (Huawei), PC chair (Young PhD Forum)

  • John E.Hopcroft (Cornell University) & Yuqing Kong (Peking University), PC chair (Young Faculty in TCS at CFCS)