2020: The 16th Conference on Web and Internet Economics

December 7-11, 2020, Peking University, Beijing


Call for Volunteers

Would you like to know what happens behind the scenes of WINE? Be a volunteer at WINE 2020!

We are looking for spirited students in helping to make this conference a positive and memorable experience for all members.

Why Volunteer?

  • Free entrance to the conference. Outside of your shifts, you will be able to attend all conference sessions.

  • A certificate in appreciation of your contribution to the conference.

  • Meet and network with scholars from all over the globe.

  • Add to your personal and professional growth through taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Help speakers on testing the broadcasting environment.

  • Host the talks.

  • Manage stage, provide guidance for speakers, and raise questions if necessary in the Q&A session.

  • Answer basic questions in Google Group.

  • Write daily reports on what is happening during the conference.

Note that:

  • Your total time spent on the volunteer work would not exceed 10 hours.

  • Training will be offered to all volunteers on the above affairs.

Selection Criteria

Applicants for the Volunteer Program will be evaluated based on the material they submit in their application packages (see below for the submission requirements).

Submission Procedure

If you are interested in volunteering opportunities during WINE 2020, please send an email to chenzhaohua@pku.edu.cn titled "Volunteer for WINE 2020". Include in your email:

  • Your CV.

  • A one-minute video on why you’re keen to volunteer in WINE 2020. The talk should be done in English.

We would very much appreciate your assistance!