2020: The 16th Conference on Web and Internet Economics

December 7-11, 2020, Peking University, Beijing


Workshop on Blockchain

Workshop on Game Theory in Blockchain

December 11, 2020, back to back with WINE 2020

This workshop focuses on the interplay of game theory and blockchain, including issues in crypto-economics and crypto-currencies.

Topics include but not limited to:

· Consensus

· Mining competition and equilibrium

· Relay networks and Network formation games

· Mean field games, stochastic games, evolutionary games in blockchain

· Information elicitation and blockchain oracles

· Competitions among blockchain markets

· Price equilibrium among cryptocurrencies

· Blockchain security

· Other related topics


December 11, 2020 (Beijing time, GMT+8)

Session 1

Scaling On-Chain Asset Exchanges via Arrow-Debreu Exchange Markets (PDF)

Geoffrey Ramseyer, Ashish Goel and David Mazieres


Allocation of Mining Resources in the Blockchain Economy (PDF)

Stefanos Leonardos, Shyam Sridhar, Yun Kuen Cheung and Georgios Piliouras


A Novel Two-Stage Game Model for the Pricing Management of Edge Computing Resource in Blockchain System (PDF)

Jinmian Chen, Yukun Cheng and Zhiqi Xu

Q&A for all authors in this session

Session 2

A Game Theoretic Model for Strategic Coopetition in Business Networks (PDF)

Segev Wasserkrug and Eitan Farchi


Epistemological Mechanism Design (PDF)

Hitoshi Matsushima and Shunya Noda


Distributed-Ledger Consensus Protocol for Digital Social Contracts (PDF)

Ouri Poupko, Ehud Shapiro and Nimrod Talmon

18:45-19:00 Q&A for all authors in this session
Session 3

Ethereum's Transaction Fee Market Reform of EIP 1559 (PDF)

Barnabe Monnot, Qingze Hum, Chuan Shen Marcus Koh, Stefanos Leonardos and Georgios Piliouras


ASHWAChain: A Fast, Scalable and Strategy-proof Committee-based Blockchain Protocol (PDF)

Sanidhay Arora, Anurag Jain, Sankarshan Damle and Sujit Gujar


Block Rewards, Not Transaction Fees Keep Miners Faithful In Blockchain Protocols (PDF)

Anurag Jain and Sujit Gujar

20:30-20:45 Q&A for all authors in this session
Session 4

RPPLNS: Pay-per-last-N-shares with a Randomised Twist (PDF)

Jonathan Katz, Philip Lazos, Francisco Javier Marmolejo Cossio and Xinyu Zhou


Low-cost attacks on Ethereum 2.0 by sub-1/3 stakeholders (PDF)

Michael Neuder, Daniel J. Moroz, Rithvik Rao and David C. Parkes


Q&A for all authors in this session

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: November 20, 2020, 11:59pm anywhere on Earth

  • Author notification: Nov. 27, 2020


An extended abstract of no more than 6 pages to EasyChair. The same font and line-space format as WINE 2020. Submission is open now.

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